Lectures by Topic –Parisamvad
For People who need training or revision on selected topics


Who should take this course?

Anyone who has been playing Bridge
regularly and would like to move the game to the next level. It can help you
revise specific topics or learn new concepts at a pace comfortable to you



Outcome of this course

You will be able to play live
tournaments at state and national level. You have all the gadgets required to
become a good bridge player and can tune it based on your requirement



How long is this course

It depends on you. We will be offering
lectures on specific topic from intermediate level or some additional topics
at fixed date and time



What are the next steps?

You can go to advanced personalized
coaching if you want to compete at the highest level or try to represent



Which bidding system will be taught?

As the concepts taught it in these
course are system independent, it does not matter which system you play



Do I need a partner for this course?

You can come alone or with your
partner for this course



What is the fee for the course?

INR 590 per course  

Note: Fees are inclusive of all 



The courses are conducted live in classroom/online mode. Details of bank account for payment is as under:


Bank Name: Bank of Maharashtra

Account Name: Lokmanya Seva Sangh Parle

Account Number: 60344679050

Type of Account: Savings


IFSC Code: MAHB0000053